Privacy Policy

Our app and services are firmly committed towards privacy of the users. This policy discloses how we gather the information and disseminate it for this App. You accept our terms and the privacy policy of this app as and when you access the app. We have the rights to make any necessary changes in the Privacy policy of this app. The copy regarding updated privacy policy would be sent to members without any prior notice. The updated privacy policy would be posted on our app. If you continue to use the app post the update of privacy policy it would be considered as the acceptance of the privacy policy.

The following practices are followed by us in order to safeguard the confidentiality of your personal information.

There are two types of information that is being collected by us 1. Personally Identifiable Information and 2. Non personally identifiable Information.

The information that is being gathered by us are information regarding your usage of Application and Services this includes the device that is being used for accessing the application, your location, domain name, IP Address, Internet Browser, Operating System. We may even derive the approximate location from your IP Address.

We gather information regarding your usage of Application and Services which also includes statistical data like date and time of your usage, the number of links that are visited, the number of pages being visited, the advertisement that is being seen by you on the application. We also use cookies to Identify the traffic that visits us through advertisements. As it helps us to provide a more personalized experience as and when you visit our website. There is an option of disabling the cookies through your browser settings. This won’t affect the services our websites provides it to you.

Information that is being asked by us?

Some general identifying information would be asked by us so that individualized services could be provided by us. We may collect and use information such as your account name, date of birth, email address, gender and any other information that is provided to us through the use of our Application or services.

You have an option to create a pseudonymous profile. Any personal information that may help identify you other than a profile picture is not permitted on your Ad Profile. Photos uploaded to the ad profile including those that are set as private will be accessible by any user that you have granted access to including the users who have purchased the app or the subscription service.

Information collected from third parties?

Collection of information from third parties could be done by us when you choose to like your account for e.g. facebook. We can only obtain the information from the third parties which has been authorized by you and that third party.

Who has access to this information and how will it be used?

Non personally identifiable Information

This would help other users to find you through search. External companies can target your pseudonymously created profile through their targeted advertising and promotional campaigns. We may share this information for analysis and research with our third party partners, consultants and advisors. This will help us improve our services and manage, monitor maintain and develop in a better manner.

Personally Identifiable Information

This information will be used in maintaining, monitoring and developing functionality of our services and the application and will even be used for customizing the layout. Your contact information will be used to updates, promotions, reports etc. We may mail you to provides update in the app, in the terms and condition etc. We in no way rent sell or provide Personally Identifiable Information to any parties for marketing or solicitation purposes. The Personally Identifiable Information will not be released to third parties without your prior consent except for the following:


Third parties govern their use of Personally Identifiable Information that were given to them and all the payments are processed via Apply iTunes Store.

Advertisers and Third Parties

Your Non personally identifiable Information may be disclosed to some of the third party organizations to assist us in providing services as well as help us in conducting business and market research and analysis activities.

Privacy Policy

Third party promoters can promote their products and services on our app. If you click on any advertisement it will redirect you to the third party application or website. If you choose to disclose your Non personally identifiable Information or Personally Identifiable Information we won’t be held accountable as it is beyond our control. So we recommend you to read the privacy policy of the site that you visited.

Third Party Social Networking Sites.

Using our services through third party social networking sites or other mobile application like facebook, twitter or Google+ you have permitted the app to use certain information. The information that is obtained varies by social networking sites and can be affected by your privacy settings. It can include information like name, username, network, user id, profile picture, date of birth, etc. Using our services through social media sites you are allowing and authorizing the app to collect, store and retain information that is received from the social networking site. You are agreeing to do so as and when you select “allow” or “accept” on the social networking site. Based on the privacy policy setting we can obtain information about your “friends” with whom you are associated with on the social networking site. You acknowledge and agree that the App has no control of the settings that are present in any of the social networking sites. You can anytime review and adjust your privacy policy settings before using any App like ours and connecting it to the social networking site.

We may disclose your Personally Identifiable Information when responding to the law enforcement requests; when required by court orders or government regulations or to protect ourselves from the misuse or any unauthorized use of our site. If you provide false information or pose as someone else your information may be disclosed as part of the investigation.

Sale or Merger

If we decide to sell, assign or transfer business or part of the business of our Application we may disclose or sell Personally Identifiable Information. It also includes a corporate merger, consolidation, restructuring or sale of the asset or any other corporate changes in the organization.

What is our response to do not track signals?

You can adjust the setting of the browser if you do not want the application to collect information about you. Visit the electronic frontier foundation page when you want to disable this preference.

Apps that don’t send the location information will not experience any adverse effect on their experience.

How long the information stored that is being provided by you?

The information is stored with us till the time your profile is active or hidden. While updating certain email notification preferences you can opt out of certain communications and you can modify any personal or demographic information. You can hide information visible to the public users.

It may take long hours to update the custom changes to take effect on the public areas of our system. If you choose to opt out of the notification service it will only change of the notifications and emails that are to be sent in the future and this won’t be applicable to the emails that are queued to send or have already been sent.

Your personally identifiable Information will be deleted from our system if there is inactivity of your account for more than 24 months. We will keep the records as required by the law archived or record for keeping business.

Unsolicited Contacts (SPAM)

Any unsolicited emails at any point in time if it has been initiated by us directly or indirectly should be brought to our immediate attention. You can use contact form to bring this to our attention.

Do you monitor online behavior?

We do not monitor private exchanges but we have the right if there is a suspicion of the user being under the age of 18 or any other violation of terms and conditions of our privacy policy. We have the right either to edit, delete or remove any communication from the public are of the site.


We are protecting the data against loss or any unauthorized access. Standard industry practices has been used by us to ensure safety to your data and personally identifiable Information. We use standard industry practices including but not limited to “firewalls”, encrypted transmission through SSL(Secure Socket Layer) and some of the other strong data encryption techniques. However, since internet is an open network we cannot warrant and guarantee that your personally identifiable Information is safe from any unauthorized access or usage. We will be taking actions as well as precautions against any unauthorized access from the third parties.

Access to your PII

We will provide you access editing or deleting any and all of your personally identifiable Information in accordance with the applicable privacy legislations.

How to contact us?

You can contact us in regards to any queries regarding privacy policy at [email protected]